Blood Test Is Require If A Person Is Facing Through Diarrhea


According to the doctors, a new blood test would be require if the patient is facing through diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome (D-IBS).

According to a study that was presented by Dr Mark Pimentel of Cedars Sinai Medical Center in which he said that, 98%of the bodies were greater than the predictive value of the D-IBS. If there’s 95% for both the bodies, it shows that you have IBS.

In a interview of Dr. Pimentel he discussed about the potential impact for physicians and patients and un necessary testing that are always negative with these patients, maybe this will put an end to that.

According to Dr Pimentel, “people always think whatever wrong is going on with them is physiological but now we can say that its organic because we have now a test to prove it”.


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