For the First Time, a Dinosaur Fossil Discovered In Washington

dinosaur fossil

For the first time, US paleontologists have discovered a dinosaur fossil in America.

Researchers believe that the fossil belongs to Late Cretaceous era. It is nearly 80 million years old.  Dinosaurs of that era preferred to live in marine environment instead of land.

Christian Sidor, co-author of the study, discusses the discovery in detail. He is pretty optimistic that the fossil will provide significant detail regarding the origin of dinosaurs. The team intends to compare the relics with other dinosaurs.

The initial analysis of the fossil reveals that it belongs to Theropods. The unique bone marrow is a prominent characteristic of theropods. It is a diverse group of bipedal saurischian dinosaurs. It contains the largest carnivores creature such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor. However, the newly discovered fossil is relatively smaller as compared Tyrannosaurus rex.

It is difficult to find such kind of fossils in United States.  Half of the US was underwater when these enormous creatures ruled on Earth. Therefore, there are chances that dinosaur waves of sea brought dinosaurs body to Washington.

Researchers have planned to display the fossil on 21st May at Burke Museum. However, the study is published in the recent edition of Journal PLOS ONE.

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