Google Rolls Out Special Skrillex Edition Cases For Samsung and Nexus

Google Skrillex cases

On Wednesday, Google rolled out limited new cases for Samsung and Nexus smartphone.

The biggest search giant has signed a deal with popular music artists for this purpose.

The firm has hired DJ Skrillex to design the first installment of the cases.  The newly launched cases will give users an entirely new experience. It will come with live wallpaper which will display satellite imagery. It is specially designed with the help of Google’s balloon satellite known as Nanou. The satellite is named after the dog of Skrillex.

Furthermore, Google has incorporated a special button for Skrillex’s fans. It will directly connect users to the YouTube Feed of the musician. The button can be also customized for other apps and functions.

Last but not the least, the upcoming album of Skrillex would be available free of cost for customers.

The Skrillex live cases will be available for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.  It will come with a price tag of $40. Potential buyers will be able to order them from Google Play Store.

Kari Clark, senior manager at Google Accessories, announced that the firm is planning to launch more edition cases.

Google has promised to launch all “Edition Cases” till the end of June.

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