Service Dog Can Easily Sense Seizures in Children.

service dog

Seizure refers to changes in the activity of brain. Primary generalized seizures and partial seizures are the two most common types. Seizure’s symptoms vary from one person to another. Some people experience unusual sensation, changes in behavior before seizure’s attack.   However, others complain about smells, sounds, tastes, virtual loss, scary feeling and negative thoughts.

There are numerous treatments available for this medical condition. Recently, a new non-profit organization comes up with an incredible solution for the condition.

The non-profit organization, named 4 Paws for ability, is a human service charity. It got four out of four rating from The Charity navigator. The chief goal of organization is to provide companionship to patients through service dogs.

The health experts of 4 Paws for ability found that dogs can easily detect chemical changes in epileptic patients. Through their intuitive nature, dogs can determine if everything is normal or not.

Alyssa Howes, a four years old girl, is suffering from seizures since childhood. Her parents used to stay in room all night to take care of her. Three years ago, one of the Alyssa’s friends gifted her service dog. The dog completely changed the life of the entire family. It started protecting Alyssa to provide her a bit more freedom.

Juliete Palomaki, mother of Alyssa, reported that her daughter begin to enjoy the company of service dog.

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