Widely Published Study on Gay Marriage Used to Fake Data


Gay study proven wrong

The widely read gay study printed in Science magazine may be false. The study was also published by The Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Michael J LaCour, researcher at the University of California along with Donald P. Green wrote the study.  Researchers analyzed the role of gay activist in lift of ban in California’s gay marriage. The activists had convinced more than 12,000 voters not to support the ban. The primary aim of the research was to determine the impact of debate on public.

Experts specially carried out an experiment and online surveys for this purpose.  They closely assessed the response of anti-gay voters on gay marriages.

It was certainly a good news for the supporters of gay marriage. It was an indication that people perception is transforming regarding gay marriages.

Recently, the lead author of the study asked that the paper should be taken back. The team openly admitted a major flaw in the surveys because of raw data.

Shortly after the statement, researchers faced severe criticism from public and experts. Marcia McNutt, editor of Journal Science, said that concerned authorities should keep a close eye on scientific literature. They should take immediate actions to correct the widely published paper.

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