Brain Implant Allows Paralysed Man to Control Body Through Imagination

control body movements through imagination

A new type of brain implant allows patients to control robotic arm through imagination. The technique is certainly a good news for paralyzed people.

A group of scientists from California Institute of Technology carried out a trial. They attached a neural implant to a particular region of brain. The part, commonly known as posterior parietal cortex of brain, is responsible to control movements and intentions of human.

Richard Anderson, a professor of Neuroscience at California Institute of Technology, discusses the experiment. He explains that when a person wants to move his arm, he does not think about activation of muscles. He only focuses on the goal of the movement.

A person usually breaks down the movements in the form of compartment. In the recent experiment, the team asked the participant to imagine the entire movement in a single go.

The experiment was performed on Erik. G Sorto. He is suffering from paralysis since last ten years. Sorto carefully followed all the instruction of scientists. With the help of instructions, he successfully controlled a robotic limb.

All the previous brain implants of scientists have failed to show promising results. Earlier, they fixed brain plants in the motor cortex that controls motion. The experiment turned out a big failure as paralyzed patient was unable to control his movements.

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