CDC Confirms Salmonella Outbreak Is Linked to Tuna, More Than 53 People Infected

outbreak linked to Tuna

Last week, around 53 people have been diagnosed with salmonella in California.

Salmonella infection is a bacterial disease. It directly affects the intestinal tract of the patient. It is commonly found in food products like eggs, beef, fruits and raw poultry. Some of the prominent signs of the disease are nausea, headache, fever, chills, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. These symptoms mostly emerge within eight to 72 hours.

The latest report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that one in every six American suffers from salmonella. Every year, more than 128,000 people are hospitalized due to food borne disease.

The California Department of Public Health reported that the recent outbreak has reached nine US states. Arizona, Washington, New Mexico and Virginia are mainly affected by the bacteria. Fortunately, no death has been reported from any of the state.

Health officials are currently investigating the source of outbreak. As per the initial report, majority of the patient fell ill after eating sushi containing tuna.

It seems like raw or undercooked fish is responsible for the recent outbreak, says director of the CDPH Dr. Karen Smith

Therefore, health experts warn that people with weak immune system should not eat fish for few weeks.

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