Study Finds: Dogs and Wolves Separated Nearly 40,000 Years Ago

evolution of wolves and dogs

A latest study reveals that ancestors of modern wolves and dogs were separated nearly 40,000 years ago. The time frame is much earlier than the previous assumption of scientist.

The study is grounded on the DNA of an ancient wolf. The fossils were discovered from the Taimyr Peninsula nearly seven years ago. Initially, researchers reconstructed the genome of the bones for analysis. Afterwards, they compared the genomes with modern dogs and wolves.  The team built a comprehensive family tree of wolves and dogs with the help of the analysis.

At the end, they concluded that Taimyr, dog and wolf lineage were split in three ways. Their lineage separated much earlier than stated in previous studies.

In 2014, a study proposed that wolves and dogs split around 11,000 to 16,000 years ago.

Love Dalen, a researcher at Swedish Museum History, describes the study in detail. She states that this is the when bones of an ancient wolves has been restructured. The study confirms that dogs have been tamed much earlier than previously thought.

Furthermore, the study showed that Taimyr 1 and Siberian sled dogs are pretty similar in terms of genes.

The findings are available in detail in Journal Current Biology.

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