Top 10 List Of New Animals Is Still Incomplete

Life reconstruction of the new oviraptorosaurian dinosaur species Anzu wyliei in its 66 million-year-old environment in western North America

According to scientist a top ten list was released by scientist in whom they discovered some new species, adding to 2 million already known. But the researchers are moving fast because of the climatic changes which have been making many plants and animals at the brink of the extinction.

Different types of animals are being found which includes a wasp from china has been found and is known as the first animal to chemical weapons. A frog from Indonesia has been found, it doesn’t lay eggs it provides deposit to tadpoles. A chicken of hell has been extinct due to the climatic change, the chicken is from the dinosaur’s family but has a chicken in looks and a spider from the sand of dunes has been found, it moves twice the faster as they could.

The list of top 10 animals or creatures are yet to be found, but the researchers are in a rush to find these creatures as fast as they could before the time of extinction.

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