E-Cigarette is Way Healthier Than an Ordinary Cigarette

e-cigarette is not harmful

Health authorities are worried about the widely believed misconception regarding e-cigarettes. A large number of people think that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as ordinary cigarettes.

Latest report from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) shows that use of e-cigarettes has increased. The numbers of vapers have reached 2.6 million only in Britain.

In 2014,  number of electronic cigarettes smokers were around 2.1 million.  In only five months, the figures have climbed up to 2.6 million. Most of new e-cigarette smokers are ex-smokers.

It shows that experts have succeeded in spreading awareness about the e-cigarette. Many smokers are trying to give up smoking with the help of tobacco.  On the other hand, numerous people have started believing that e-cigarettes are as harmful as ordinary cigarettes.

Last year, only 15 percent people considered e-cigarette as lethal for health. But, the proportion has ascended up due to false studies. Presently, more than 22 percent people believe on the misconception.

The rapid increase in false perception poses a big threat to smokers.  It has discouraged a considerable number of smokers who were planning to begin e-cigarette. Therefore, they keep on smoking conventional cigarette which is more hazardous

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