Improve Your Sex Life With Two-Three Cups of Coffee Daily


Coffee can improve your sex life

A startling medical study shows that two to three cups of coffee can improve your sex life.

A team of researchers from the University Of Texas Health Science Center performed an extensive survey on caffeine. The study was aimed to determine the impact of caffeine products on men. More than 4,000 men were included in the study. They were requested to fill a questionnaire related to their daily consumption of caffeine and sex life.

Astonishingly, research reveals that men who consume around 85 milligrams of caffeine per day are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

ED is one of the biggest nightmares of men. There are numerous factors that increase the chances of ED such as tobacco use, obesity, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, hypertension and alcohol.

.85 milligrams of caffeine is equal to two to three cups of coffee daily. Two cups of coffee reduces risk of impotence up to 42 percent, whereas three cups 39 percent.

Dr. David Samadi, head of urology at Lenox Hill hospital, explains the affect of coffee. He informs that coffee relaxes cavernous tissues in men. It enables more blood to flow to the particular area. However, further research is needed to determine affect of caffeine on overweight and diabetes patients.

Tea, coffee, cold drink and sodas are the best sources of caffeine.

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