Lack of Sleep Makes You Feel Depressed and Ill

Young woman sleeping

A latest medical study reveals that depression is strongly tied to lack of sleep.

Researchers from University of Adelaide conducted a broad survey on sleep. They analyzed mental state of more than 2,000 Australian.  Participants were between the ages of 35 and 83. At the beginning of the study, experts adjusted major risk factors such as age, sex and race. Afterwards, they followed the participants for a long time period of five years.

Surprisingly, health experts found that daytime sleepiness increases the risk of depression up to 10 percent.

Dr. Carol Lang, postdoctoral researcher at University of Adelaide, explains the study. He notifies that depression is one of the most common disorders. It has become a serious health issue. Men comparatively take less interest in their treatment of depression than women.

Furthermore, research indicates that people living in developed countries are relatively more depressed than under-developed countries. Thus, it can be said that depression is also connected to income inequality.

Earlier, a study printed in Journal Sleep proposed that apnea symptoms are linked to sever depression. Every one in five women suffer from sleep apnea in the United States. However, most of them are unaware about their medical condition.

The recent study is presented at the International Conference of American Thoracic Society.

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