Latest Leaks of Google I/O Conference Projects

Google annual event

Google I/O conference is one of the most awaited technology event, Engineers, developers and tech experts eagerly wait for the invitation card of the conference.

The event is one of the biggest competitors of Apple’ WWDC event.  Both the firms try really hard to make their event better than the other.

Latest leaks and rumors give some hint about the upcoming projects of Google I/O conference. Some of the noteworthy ones are Android TV, project Fi and Android M Talk. Leaks about the rest of the projects are still surfacing.

But, interested people should bear in mind that all these are rumors. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Google has not released any statement regarding Android M. The firm only reported that Android L is expected to release in the month of June. Earlier, the biggest search giant promises to unveil the project in the November 2014.

Project Ara is the second most prominent thing of Google I/O Conference. It is scheduled to start till the end of 2015. It is the latest Google hardware specially designed for highly modular smartphones. The firm’s primary objective is to design an innovative wearable.

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