Thunder God Vine Root Can Cut 95% of Your Body Weight

root of Thunder God Wine Plant

Health experts have been trying to discover new plants that can help people lose weight.

Recently, researchers discovered that root of the thunder god vine may become an easy solution to weight loss. The root is commonly known as Celastrol.

Researchers performed an experiment on mice in order to determine the effect of root. They gave high doses of the plant extract to overweight mice for seven days. Afterwards, the food consumption of these mice was compared to ordinary ones.

Astonishingly, experts observed the mice consumed 80 percent less food than the normal ones. As a result, they lost around 45 percent of their body weight. The given compound directly affected the appetite of mice. It speeds up the function of an appetite suppressing hormone: leptin. The primary function of leptin is to inform brain about the remaining energy and fuel of brain. Human who naturally lack leptin eats a lot and stay thin.

Umut Ozcan, endocrinologist at Harvard Medical School, states that leptin can be targeted to lose weight.  The compound can be used to disrupt the working of leptin.

Every year, weight loss products industry generates billions through weight loss supplements.

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