Latest Dawn Images Unable to Solve the Mystery of Ceres’s Bright Spots

mystery of Ceres bright spot

Even the latest Dawn images have failed to solve the mystery behind Ceres’s bright spot.

On 16th of May, the spacecraft has captured Ceres’s images from a distance of 4,500 miles. As per the latest NASA blog post, distance will remain the same till the end of June. In the beginning of July, the spacecraft will move towards the lower orbits of the object.

The initial analysis of the images indicates that bright spot is due to reflective material. However, scientists are not yet sure which kind of material is responsible for the reflection. Thus far, the bright spot has only observed in a specific region of Ceres

Researchers can say that an unknown kind of highly reflective material is responsible for the bright spot.  90 percent of scientists believe that ice on Ceres causes light to reflect, said Christopher Russell, lead investigator for the Dawn mission.

Moreover, the government space agency has also asked for public opinion. They requested people to help them in guessing the reason behind the bright spot.   Within two days of public appeal, NASA received thousands of suggestions. A few people think that it is a salt deposits or volcanoes. On the other hand, some people believe that it is geysers.

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