Meet Nasty 1, a Newly Discovered Giant Star of Our Milky Way Galaxy

Hubble discover NASTY 1 star

The Hubble Telescope has discovered a mysterious giant star in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The star, dubbed as NASTY 1, is coined from the catalog name NASt 1. It is located at nearly 3,000 light years away from Earth.  This is the first time when scientists have observed any star with such behavior. Hence, they believe that the newly found star may solve the mystery of evolution of massive stars.

Several years ago, NASTY 1 was officially uncovered and named as Wolf Rayet stars. Such kind of stars is the remaining parts of the massive stars. They are around 20 times greater than the size of the sun.  They undergo an unexpected flow of energy before they explode into supernova. The outer layer of Wolf Rayet stars is packed with different gases like hydrogen and helium.

However, NASTY 1 is quite different from the ordinary Wolf Rayet stars. Researchers believe that Nasty 1’s gravitational interaction is responsible for its distinctive properties.

Jon Mauerhaun, researcher from the University of California, explains the discovery. He states that scientists were excited when they spotted a star similar to disk. These stars have a short life span as compared to ordinary stars. They live for only a hundred thousand years.

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