Space X Releases A Breathtaking Video Clip of Dragon Launch Abort

Space X Dragon capsule video

On Friday, Space X has rolled out the recent footage of the Pad abort test flight of Crew Dragon spaceship.

The Crew Dragon Spaceship was lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral. The spaceship is a crew-carrying version of the Dragon’s first pad abort test.  More than six astronauts can effortlessly travel in it. The American rocket company has also attached eight 3D-printed rocket motors on its side walls. The rocket can easily carry supplies of nearly 120,000 pounds.

Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, discusses the test flight. He informs that three people were on board in The Crew Dragon Capsule. It was an unexplainable moment when the truck separated from the spaceship.

The two-minute video clip shows how astronauts escape from a launch pad in case of emergency. It is recorded from a passenger’s point of view.

The video begins from the launch of capsule propulsion system.  It demonstrates that the unmanned spaceship touched the speed of 345 miles per hour in 1.2 seconds. It flew roughly 5,000 feet above from the surface of Earth.

The space transport service company has not recorded splash down of the capsule.

Scientists at Space X are pretty optimistic that they will send astronauts to ISS soon.

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