Depressed Heart Failure Patients are at High Risk of Death

heart failure patients and depression

A latest research proposes that depression increases the risk of mortality in patients with heart failure.

Hence, health experts recommend that management of depression is essential for heart failure patients.

Depression is one of the most common disorders. Some of the major reasons of depression are loss of energy, hopelessness, anger, irritability, appetite loss and rapid weight loss. Changes in life style and counseling are the only way to treat depression without pills. Exercise, healthy diet, stress reduction therapies and social support can fight against depression.

Researchers carefully looked at patients hospitalized with heart failure.  27 of these patients were suffering from mild depression, whereas 24 with moderate ones.  Rest of the participants was not facing any such mood disorder. Researchers followed them for a long time period of 302 days. Astonishingly, they observed that 20 of the patients with severe depression died in a year.

Therefore, experts concluded that severe depression ascends up the chances of death up to 80 percent.

John Cleland, professor of cardiology at the Imperial College London, explains the study. He notifies that there is a strong connection between depression and mortality. More than 25 percent of heart failure patients re-admitted to hospitals due to various reasons. Surprisingly, half of the re-admitted patients die within six months. Depression is one of the major factors behind it.

The outcome of the study was presented at the annual meeting of the Heart Failure Association.


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