Depressed Heart Failure Patients Likely to Die Early Than Happier Ones

Sad and upset woman deep in thought

A startling study uncovered that there is a strong connection between depression and risk of death in heart failure patients. It proposes that severe depression increases mortality chances up to five times in heart failure patients.

Depression is a serious medical illness.  It is often regarded as loss of motivation, hopelessness, sleep related issues and loss of confidence. The warning signs of depression vary from one person to another.  However, some of the common symptoms are restlessness, loss of interest, change in appetite, rapid weight loss and continuous fatigue. Typical depression, major depression, chronic depression, seasonal depression and bipolar depression are its major types.

More than 19 million American suffer from depression every year. The numbers are increasing day by day

Nowadays, numerous treatments of depression are available. Use of anti-depressant pills and regular counseling session are the effective ones.

Researchers examined hospitalized heart failure patients. 27 of the participants were suffering from severe depression, whereas 24 with mild depression. Experts followed them for roughly 302 days. They noticed that 27 of the hospitalized patients died within a year. Majority of them were the patients of severe depression.

Therefore, researchers recommend that depression management and counseling are the key ways to fight against mortality.

John Cleland, professor of cardiology at the Imperial College, describes the findings. He informs that the end result of the study evidently indicates that depression is tied to risk of death in heart failure patients.

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