NASA Reroutes Mars Curiosity Rover Due to Slippery Surface

New Target of Mars Curiosity Rover.jpg.crdownload

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been exploring the red planet since last five years.

On November 2011, the US space agency lifted off Mars Curiosity Rover. The agency spent nearly $2.5 billion on its development and design. The rover is pretty similar to car in terms of size and appearance.  Its primary objective was to explore and collect samples from Gala Crater of Mars.

As per the recent blog post of NASA, the rover has recently touched the surface of a hill.

Two weeks ago, the main target of the rover was to reach a comparable geological site. Mission scientists were pretty optimistic that geological contacts can give significant details related to Mars environmental condition. However, the space probe was unable to accomplish the goal due to slippery slopes. As a result, the team redirected the rover towards the west part of the planet.

Chris Roumeliotis, lead driver of NASA’s Curiosity Rover at Jet Propulsion laboratory, calls Mars a “deceptive planet”. He notifies that the over has slipped numerous times on its way towards mountainous regions.  Hence, the team decided to reroute the space probe.

Currently, the aim of rover is to carefully analyze a pale rock present on Mount Sharp.

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