A Widely Published Gay Union Study Turns Out False

errors in widely published study

Last week, doctoral students reported that they have found data flaws in a widely published study.

In 2011, a study was printed regarding the activists’ conversation with voters to convince them about same-sex marriage. It proposed that gay activists changed voters’ perception in only twenty minutes.

The study was widely read and re-printed in numerous famous journals such as New York Times and Journal Science.

Recently, David Broockman put a big question mark on the data of the research. He claimed that data of the study contain numerous irregularities.

Broockman along with his colleagues was quite impressed with the work of researcher. Hence, they decided to carry out a broad research on same-sex marriages.

During close analysis of the original report, the team observed numerous test-retest reliabilities. They began to closely analyze the previous study instead of working on the new one. Surprisingly, they found that study lacked reliable evidence.

Shortly after the accusation of Broockman, the main author of the original report presented a retraction letter of the study. He evidently accepted that the co-author of study has failed to generate original data.

A large number of researchers and political science experts are severely criticizing the rules and regulations of conducting a research.

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