Hawaiian Telescope Project Has All Rights to Proceed, Says Governor

Hawaii Observatory

On Tuesday, Hawaii Governor announced that giant telescope project has all rights to proceed. However, the state government has failed to take care of the mountains.

He clearly states that TMT project has followed all the steps and rules.  Hence, the state government will fulfill its promise and support the project. As far as the protest against this activity is concerned, peaceful protest is everyone’s right.

Moreover, the Governor asked University of Hawaii to legally pledge that no more telescopes would be built in Mauna Kea. He also said that concerned authorities should destroy some of the previous telescopes before the construction of TMT.

The high officials doubt that the team has done anything greater than the last telescope project, says David Ige.

Furthermore, the officials have decided to form a special board of advisors for this purpose. The board, expected to be named Mauna Kea Cultural Council, will take care of the entire Mauna Kea region.

The government has failed to properly manage mountains of Mauna Kea, says  Igs.

The move is surely a big shock for scientists who roughly use precious Mauna Kea regions.   In 1960s, first astronomical observatory was built in Mauna Kea.  Since then, astronomers have created numerous observatories such as 10-meter Keck telescope.

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