US Government Gives Green Signal to Ecstasy Therapy Trial

Ecstasy can treat depression

California scientists got green light to make use of Ecstasy for the treatment of fatal diseases.

Ecstasy, commonly known as MDMA, is a synthetic psychoactive drug. It instantly produces feeling of euphoria, empathy and energy. The drug is mostly used in nightclub scene or at “rave”. Since last three decades, US government has completely banned Ecstasy due to its adverse effects. The drug doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases and circulatory problems.

Dr. Philip Wolfson, a San Anselmo psychiatrist, along with his colleagues has decided to carry out a research on Ecstasy. Around 18 cancer patients will participate in the trial. 13 of them will be treated with Ecstasy, whereas five will get Placebo.  Researchers will give the drugs between an eight-hour long therapy sessions.

The chief objective of the study is to determine whether psychotherapy session with Ecstasy can fight against depression and anxiety. The research project is scheduled to take place in hilltop psychotherapy center.

The team believes that ecstasy can help cancer patients to overcome severe depression.

This is not the first time when researchers used psychedelic drug. Last year, a study on autistic adult showed that patients feel relaxed after the use of ecstasy. The findings of the experiment are available in Science Direct.

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