MIT’s Cheetah Robot Can Now Jump Over Hurdles As Well

World fastest robot

MIT robot Cheetah has taken a big step in the arena of robotics. The robot can run as well as jump with high speed.

The Cheetah is the fastest four legged robot in the world. DARPA’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation has funded its development.

Last summer, the robot has marked a new land speed record with 29 mph.  However, now it can also jump over hurdles. It is the first robot that can identify obstacles and easily avoid them.

Robot makes use of a special visual system to spot the objects from a distance. The system, known as light, detection, produces small laser rays that bounce off the object. The lidar system allows robot to form an electrical map of its terrain.  Afterwards, the map is delivered to a computer program along with numerous planning algorithms. The entire process takes place in roughly 100 milliseconds.

Sangban Kim, educator of musical instrument solution at Unter beachtung, explains the mechanism. She informs that a jump is completely dynamic behavior.  In order to perform the action, robot has to maintain proper balance and energy.

The robot is expected to give a demo at DARP’s Robotic Challenge Finals. The event is scheduled to take place next week in California.

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