Study Finds: Early Humans Migrated From Africa Through Egypt

migration route of early humans

Recently, a new genetic analysis shows ancestors of modern human followed a northern route instead of southern.

Everyone knows that modern human entered Africa nearly 200,000 years ago. However, the route they chose to reach the continent was unknown till the recent study.

Earlier, there were two different schools of thoughts related to early human’s migration route. A group believed that humans reach Africa through Egypt. In comparison, the other one argued that they came through Ethiopia.

A team of researchers from University of Cambridge carried out a broad study. They carefully looked at the genetic details of 100 Egyptians and five Ethiopian populations.  Afterwards, the data was compared with East Asia and Middle East population.

At the end of the study, the group concluded that Egypt was the “gate way” to Africa. The study fills several missing links of the history and evolution of modern human.

Dr. Luca Pagani, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, explains the study. He said it is the most comprehensive genomic research of Northeast Africans. It reveals that genetics of Ethiopians and Eurasians are not as similar as previously thought.

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