Facebook Introduces a Tool to Enable Profile Encryption Keys

Facebook new encryption key tool

Facebook takes a major move to ensure users’ privacy. The site has rolled out a feature that allows users to add encryption keys to their profile.

An encryption key is a security measure that change confidential data into unreadable cipher. It shows blocks or random alphabetic characters instead of normal characters. Users are required to insert correct keys in order to decrypt it. However, they can share encryption keys with close friends to share the data.

The move is taken after the news of mass government surveillance. Since past two years, conflict is building between tech firms and US government on encryption issue.

However, a group of people believe that the move will put national security at risk. The US law enforcement agencies would not be able to access users’ data without permission. They will be required to show legal search warrant to decrypt anyone’s data. In addition, the tool averts the use of Facebook for political purposes.

Eleanor Saitta, security researcher, appreciates Facebook’s move. She says that Facebook is working really hard to ensure privacy of users. The new tool will set a new trend for the entire tech industry.

In a recent press conference, Mark Zuckerberg evidently stated that users’ privacy is one of their chief priorities.

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