A Month Old Baby Beluga Whale Dies at Georgia Aquarium

Baby Beluga died

A month old baby beluga whale born at Georgia Aquarium has died. The calf tried really hard to survive but in vain.

The young whale was born twenty six days ago in the month of March. She was roughly 126 pounds at the time of birth. However, the body weight of the animal reduced to three pound till the end of May. She was suffering from some serious health issues since birth.

Jessica Fontana, spokeswoman of aquarium, informs that initial test reveals that calf may had gastrointestinal problems. She was facing difficulty in digesting nutrients which were essential for her health.

Therefore, the high officials of the aquarium ordered workers to feed baby through artificial milk.  They used specially designed artificial formula to help her in survival. They also worked with veterinary experts to improve the condition of baby whale. However, every formula to help calf failed badly.

As per the workers at the facility, the marine mammal was showing extreme signs of depression and lethargy since last ten days. She had stopped eating and swimming. She took her last breath at 7:00 a.m

For the first time Georgia Aquarium has failed to take proper care of Beluga. Otherwise, the authority is famous for breeding new belugas.

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