Finally, The Lightsail Satellite Come Backs to Life

Lightsail Satellite deployed

At last, the Lightsail satellite deployed its large sheet of Mylar.

An advocacy group, known as The Planetary Society, has designed the Lightsail. However, the satellite is developed by the Stellar Exploration Inc. The size of the satellite is similar to the size of a shoe-box.

Currently; the group is experimenting with the technology in order to avoid any major mishap. Afterwards, the technology will be utilized for more ambitious missions.

Thus Far, the solar-powered experimental spacecraft has faced numerous mishaps and malfunctions. Last month, a test flight of the spacecraft successfully took place on a U.S Air Force Plane. Unfortunately, the satellite went silent just two days after the launch. Initially, mission engineers thought that they had lost contact to satellite.

But, further analysis reveals that satellite computer crashed due to a flaw in its software. After eight days, the team successfully re-established the communication through high speed charged particles.

David Spence, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, discusses the issue. He reported that an electrical current was the major reason behind the flaw.

On Sunday, the satellite finally deployed solar sheets at3:47 p.m EDT from the west coast of Baja California.

This is not the first time when any solar sail has sent outside the Earth. Earlier, Japanese space agency and NASA have flown two solar sails in the space.

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