Your Toothbrush Probably Contain Someone Else’s Poop

facel material on toothbrush

Sharing washroom can expose your toothbrush to deadly fecal bacteria, a latest study proposes.

Research team from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut carried out an extensive study on toothbrush. They carefully examined toothbrushes of residents who use shared washroom. Every washroom included in the survey was shared by nine people.

Surprisingly, research reveals that 60 percent of toothbrush kept in shared washroom was contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria.

Lauren Aber, graduate student at the Quinnipiac University, explains the outcome of the study. She states that presence of someone else’s fecal material is more dangerous than your owns.  It contains serious bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Fecal coliform are the most common type of bacteria of natural waters. It directly attacks the digestive track of the infected person. Some of these bacteria can give birth to lethal disease like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and hepatitis A.

Generally, people believe that covering toothbrush will protect it from germs. However, the recent research rebuffs all the misconceptions. It shows that no matter how hard a person tries to store his toothbrush in a clean place.

A toothbrush cover increases the chances of bacterial growth. It creates an appropriate environment for germs, says Aber

Therefore, health experts recommend that people should keep their toothbrushes outside washrooms.

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