UCSF Surgeons Successfully Performed 36 Hour Long Kidney Transplant Chain

nine-way kidney transplant

A team of surgeons successfully performed nine-way kidney transplant in San Francisco.

Total 18 surgeries were completed in 36 hours at California Pacific Medical Center and San-Francisco Medical Center. 10 of them were carried out on Thursday, whereas 8 on Friday.

Nine donors and nine recipients were involved in the chain. During the surgeries, two kidneys were sent to California Pacific Medical Center. The transport firm, known as Donor Network West, transported the organs to the other hospital. The company is famous for its shipping and packaging of organs.

Noel Sanchez, spokesman for Donor Network West, reported that everything went according to the plan. The company transported last kidney on Friday afternoon.

It is the longest and fastest chain of kidney transplant of the state.  Earlier, the longest transplant chain occurred in 26 different hospitals of the United States. 68 surgeries and 34 transplants were involved in it. Doctors took three months to wrap up the chain.

Ever year, more than 9000 Americans need kidney donor due to numerous health conditions. Most of these people take the organ from their family members or friends.  The appropriate match for the kidney is the most difficult task. Hence, some patients even wait for four to five years to get the best match.

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