Unexplored Cave May Resolve Climate Mystery of Black Hills

Unexplored caves of Black Hill

The unexplored caves of Black Hills are providing clues about the history of that region.

The National Park Service has dug the mouth of an unknown cave. The newly uncovered cave is located at South Dakota. The team of experts is pretty optimistic that the cave will reveal significant details regarding the actual climate of that region.

The new cave, dubbed as persistence cave, was first uncovered in 2004.  However, the park agency has disclosed the news after ten years due to security purposes.

The agency has formed a special team to discover the well-preserved cave. Jim Mead, researcher at Eastern Tennessee University, will enter the cave on Monday.  Mead and his colleagues are quite excited about the things they will uncover. The chief aim of the team is to look for fossils and other sediments of prehistoric animals.

The gathered information will be utilized to figure out the evolution of climate of that region. The climate of Black Hills has changed a lot in past ten thousand years.

Up till now, the agency has uncovered 11,000 year-old-bones form the cave.  The bones belong to two famous specie of that region. The species are extinct relatives of modern day peccary.

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