Most Detailed View of Star Forming Galaxy Captured Through ALMA

ALMA Distant Galaxy

ALMA’s Long Baseline Campaign has captured image and gathered significant details of a distant galaxy.

The recent image offers more information as compared to all the previous ones.  The galaxy, commonly known as SPD 81, was the primary focus of ALMA observatory.

The observatory is situated in the Chilean Atacama. It has a collection of 66 antennas similar to an interferometer. In such kind of antennas, light produced from a celestial subject is synchronized in order to create an image. The quality of interferometer images is relatively six times better than Hubble Telescope images.

A team of seven researchers closely looked at the images. They utilized special “gravitational lensing” effect for this purpose.  With the help of the effect, the images reveal a series of star formation in galaxy.

Additionally, researchers calculated the mass and rotation period of the galaxy. They observed that gas of the galaxy is unstable. An inner star collision is likely to occur in next few months.

The reconstructed ALMA image of the galaxy is incredible. The high tech equipment of ALMA allowed astronomers to gather significant information regarding the characteristics, motion and content of the galaxy, says Rob Ivison, Director for Science of ESO.

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