FDA Approves Human Trials of Type-1 Diabetes Vaccine

New Type-1 Diabetes Vaccine

FDA gives green light to phase II clinical trial of a Type-1 diabetes vaccine. The vaccine showed promising results on mice. Hence, health researchers are eagerly waiting to carry out trial on humans.

Type-1 diabetes mostly develops before the age of 40. Young children and adult is its main target. In this type of diabetes, pancreas fails to make insulin. Insulin is responsible to convert glucose into useful energy.  Some of its common signs are frequent urination, extreme tiredness, rapid weight loss, sores, itchy skin and blurred vision. There is no proper cure for the disease; it can only be managed through treatments.

It is the least avoidable type of diseases. Hence, health experts are trying hard to develop a treatment for it. Recently, they found out that a widely used TB vaccine can prevent Type-1 diabetes. The vaccine, known as Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, even increases insulin production in patients.

Dr. Denise Faustman, researcher from the Massachusetts General Hospital, describes performance of the vaccine. He state states that BCG raise level of tumor necrosis factor in patients. The process discard damaged cells from the body.

After the FDA approval, the team is expected to begin the clinical trial in July.  Around one fifty patients with Type-1 diabetes will participate in the trial

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