Google Street View Shows Breathtaking Underwater Images

Google Street View on Ocean Day

Google Street View visited the Great Barrier Reef to celebrate World’s Ocean Day.

Since 1992, every year World’s ocean day has been celebrated on 8th June. Several marine conservation organizations organize special awareness programs on the day. The basic aim is to inform people about the condition of global ocean.

This year, the search engine altered Street view system to develop public’s interest in oceans. The firm specially designed a tool for this purpose. The feature enable users to explore numerous deep oceans.

Google worked together with the XL Catlin Seaview Survey for the Ocean day project.  The group snapped more than 60, 00 images from 20 different oceans of the world. Cozumel Mexico, Barrier Reef and Liberty Wreck are the most noteworthy one. Images contain breathtaking glimpses of sea turtles, tropical fish and coral.

The research team of the survey found that massive number of coral reefs has vanished in the past few years.  The loss of reef will surely leave a negative effect on humans and marine creatures. The team believes that rapidly increasing pollution and climate change are the chief cause behind it.

As per the recent blog post of Google, the company hopes to inspire people to learn about the precious natural resource.

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