UCSF Surgeons Successfully Performed Longest Kidney Transplant Chain

nine-way kidney transplant

Surgeons performed state’s first nine way kidney transplant chain in San Francisco.

Surgeons from California Pacific Medical Center and UCSF carried out 18 transplant surgeries.

The chain was started on the 4th of July with a couple. Husband donated his kidney to a patient to get a compatible kidney for his wife. A couple at UCSF was facing similar situation. Hence, doctors suggested them to swap kidneys to save life of their loved ones.

10 of the 18 surgeries were successfully performed on the first day. However, the remaining ones were completed on Friday. Five donors and five recipients were involved in the longest kidney transplant chain.

UCSF administration shifted two donated kidneys to the California Pacific Medical Center. The two hospitals are located roughly three miles away. Hospital authorities took help from a well known organ transport service for this purpose. The company is famous for its organ packaging and delivery service.  On Friday afternoon, it delivered the last kidney to California Pacific Medical Center.

John Roberts, head of UCSF Medical Center, talks about the chain. He said that a minor friendly collaboration between two hospitals saved numerous lives.   It encourages other surgeons to conduct such kind of long transplant chain.

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