FDA Approves Revolutionary Sanofi Cholesterol Drug

Cholestrol lowering drug

A new cholesterol lowering injectable drug can dramatically cut the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Food Drug and Administration gives green signal to the new drug.   The committee voted 13-3 in support of the drug.

The Sanofi’s drug, Praulent, is an extremely effective drug for lowering “bad cholesterol”.

Liver is responsible to provide sufficient quantity of “good cholesterol” to body. It is an essential element for normal functioning of the body. It forms necessary hormones like estrogen and testorone. However, its excessive amount is dangerous for health. It can give birth to numerous fatal diseases like Type-2 diabetes

Since last thirty years, doctors blindly prescribed Prulent to patients for high cholesterol. The drug fights against a particular protein that disrupts liver functions. The protein, known as PCSK9, averts the production and supply of clear cholesterol in blood.

However, health experts are not yet sure about the link between LDL and risk of heart diseases. Hence, they have decided towait for the result of drug’s second clinical trial

Dr. Elliot Antman, president of the American Heart Association, talks about benefits of the drug. He states that the drug will enable doctors to achieve health cholesterol level.

With the help of PCSK9 inhibitors, doctors can bring down cholesterol level of patients.

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