Have a Look At The Computer That Works on Water Droplets

Water based computer

Have you ever heard of a water based computer?

A researcher from Stanford University has developed computer that works with water.

Manu Prakash, assistant professor of bioengineering, along with his colleagues developed the droplet based computer. Researchers took help from the notion of water fluid dynamics. They combine the phenomena with basic element of computer science. Afterwards, experts built small iron bars on glass slide. They placed a layer on oil between two glass slides.  After that, individual water droplets were instilled with the help of tiny magnetic nanoparticles.  High Magnetic field was passed through the sandwiched glass slides.

Prakash describes the mechanism in detail. He explains that the water and computer never combine. However, all the operations are controlled and managed by tiny droplets.

Experts’ chief aim was to operate word processors on water. The idea will build an entirely new class of computers that can control matter.

The team gives an open challenge to conventional electronic computers. They claim that the newly created computer can perform every task without any difficulty. It does not require any specific computational machines. However, it will work relatively slower as compared to the ordinary computers.

The control over water droplet will pave the way for new research.

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