Google Introduces Sidewalks Lab to Improve Quality of Life in Cities

Google Sidewalks Lab

Google has developed new technologies to solve issues related to life. However, the firm is famous for its internet search service.

Recently, Google has decided to launch a new company named Sidewalks Labs. The startup will try to improve life condition of cities and urban regions. It will mainly focus on urban technologies to handle problems such as cost of living.

Dan Doctoroff, former CEO of Bloombergy, will be the in charge of the new company.  High officials of Google specially selected Doctoroff because of his expertise in rebuilding of cities. He was also selected as former deputy mayor of rebuilding of New York City.

In a recent blog post, Doctoroff compared Sidewalk Labs with Calico. Calico is the well known company of life science. It was launched in 2013 by Google.

Doctoroff openly states that Sidewalk Labs has relatively modest investment as compared to Google X and Calico. However, he hopes that the company will solve the urban living issues in a better way.

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, discusses the matter in detail. He informs that the company intends to transform old cities into more livable and vibrant one. The move will certainly improve the quality of life.

Up till now, it is not yet disclosed what kind of technologies would be created in Sidewalks Labs.

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