California Coastal Commission Approves 64 Newport Beach Fire Rings

California Comission decision on Fire Rinds

On Thursday, California Coastal Commission has approved Newport Beach plan for 64 fire rings.

The verdict finally ends heated debate between beach lovers and environmentalists. Since last two years, the two groups were arguing whether woods should be burned or charcoal.  Environmentalists and health experts requested the commission to only permit charcoal policy. They were concern about the health problems that arises from wood smoke.

However, beach-goers completely dismissed the idea. They said that sitting around charcoal would not give traditional experience.

High officials of government have also discussed natural gas powered fire rings. However, they failed to find any appropriate model for it.

The decision was certainly difficult for the concerned authority. The fight was not good for the dynamics of our city, stated Edward Selich, Newport Beach Mayor.

Government agencies and city leaders have agreed over the placement and quantity of rings. As per the decision, four rings will be placed in Newsport Dunes. Rest of the rings will be positioned at Corona Del Mar State Beach.

Dave Kiff, city manager, inform about the burning. He states that eight of 24 rings will be charcoal burned, whereas remaining will be woods.

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