Twitter to Ascend up DMs Limit up to 10,000 Characters

Twitter ends DMs Limit

Get ready to receive a longer direct message on Twitter.

The social networking firm announced to increase DMs limit up to 10,000 characters. Earlier, users were only allowed to send message of maximum 140 characters.

Sachin Agarwal, Product designer of direct message at Twitter, revealed the news to developers. He informs that the change is likely to occur in July. However, the official date is not yet revealed.

Nevertheless, users should bear in mind that the change is only for direct message. The tweets’ limit will not exceed from 140 characters.

Chris Sacca, Twitter investor, calls it a “beautiful constraint”. He states that the move will give a new form to writing.

Other social networks such as Facebook and Linkdin do not put any limit on DMs. However, Twitter’s limit on direct messages was started in its early days. At that time, users were only allowed to sent tweets through messages.

The most noteworthy thing is that the news revealed on the day when Twitter changes its CEO. Dick Costolo, co-founder of Twitter, steps down from his designation. Instead of Costolo, Jack Dorsey will be the in charge of Twitter for few days.

Twitter’s shares increased up to 6 percent after the announcement.

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