Einstein’s Personal Letters Auctioned For USD $420,000

letters of Albert Einstein

Profiles of History, the California based auction house, organized million-dollar auction for Einstein’s letters. More than USD $420,000 was collected in the auction.

Over two dozens of personal letters of Albert Einstein were auctioned on Thursday.  Since last several years, a seller has been collecting these letters

The letter related to theory of relativity was the most expensive one. In 1945, the physicist wrote a letter to his son explaining about the connection between theory of relativity and atomic bombs.

However, rest of the letters that were put in auction was on different subjects. One of them contains Einstein’s personal views regarding his religious beliefs and atheism.  It was sold for USD $28,125.

Joseph Maddalena, founder of the Profiles of History, talks about the auction. He states that the recent auction is the most important one of his life.  Public are only aware about how Einstein’s theories transformed the world. They know less about his personal life of. These letters shows his belief on God.

Aside from his beliefs, the recently auctioned letters also includes his views on subjects like adultery and atomic bomb. One of the letters uncovered that a group of people attacked Einstein because he was Jewish.

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