NASA’s Hubble Telescope Discovers Loneliest Galaxy

Hubble discover lonliest galaxy

NASA’s Hubble Telescope has spotted a lonely galaxy at the end of a cosmic void.

Stars and galaxies are usually present in the form of cluster. However, the newly discovered galaxy exists all alone in the space. The galaxy, named NGC 6503, is located at the edge of the Local Void.

Local Void is a huge, empty area of space. It is divided into three separate sectors with the help of “wispy filament bridges”. Although, it stretches to 150 million light years but it contain less galaxy as compared to the other groups. It is present next to the Local group.

Recently, Hubble telescope has captured detailed images of NGC 6503. The photos offer significant information regarding the galaxy. It shows that the galaxy is roughly 180 million light years away from Earth. It is nearly 30,000 light years wide. It signifies that the galaxy is equal to the size of one-third of the Milky Way.

In addition, the images reveal that strange big red patches are present on its surface. These patches are made up of gas and dust.

Presently, the space telescope is carefully examining the nearest galaxy of NGC 6503. The chief aim is to completely understand the structure and behavior of stars.

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