Florida Health Officials: Two Died, Eight Infected Due to Deadly Seawater Bacteria

Warm sea water bacteria attacks Florida

In Florida, Two people died due to deadly bacterium of warm sea water.

Last week, the Florida Health Department warned public regarding the lethal bacteria.

The bacterium, scientifically known as Vibrio vulnificus, is found in warm sea water like Gulf of Mexico. It usually emerges in summers as temperature of sea water increases. Vibirio infection directly attacks immune system of the body. It gives birth to several lethal diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stomach disorders, iron overload disease and HIV infections.

People usually get infected with the bacterium by eating raw or uncooked sea food. Therefore, health authorities recommend people to cook sea food like oyster for at least three minutes. The initial symptoms of the bacterium emerge two or three days after the consumption.

Up till now, the rod shaped bacteria has infected eight residents of Florida. Most of the cases occurred in the Gulf Coast states.

The bacteria have also killed two people in Bervard and Marion Counties. Raw seafood is the major reason behind the two deaths.

Maras Burger, spokesperson from the Florida Health Department, inform about the bacteria. He states that this is not the first time when Vibrio vulnificus attacked people. In 2014, more than 32 vibrio cases were reported from Florida.

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