All Kind of Chimpanzees Will Come Under Endangered Species Act


On Friday, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service announced that all Chimpanzees will be considered as endangered species. The primary objective behind the decision is to protect captive chimps.

Two years ago, USFWS categorized captive chimpanzees and wild chimpanzees.  The agency decided to list wild chimpanzees as an “endangered species”. In comparison, the captive chimpanzees come under “threatened species”. The animals that come under endangered species Act get relatively more protection than the threatened one.

The new rule will make import and export of all kinds of chimps illegal. People are required to get permission from authorities for this purpose.  People who own chimps privately do not have to follow the new regulation.

Currently, more than 1,724 chimpanzees are present in America. Most of them live in labs for research and conservation.

Tara Easter, researcher at Center for Biological Diversity, comments on the new rule. She states that it is certainly good news for the chimpanzees. The new placement will help in the survival of these animals.

Chimpanzees are usually conserved from a very young age.  Initially, it is quite easy to raise these animals. However, they gradually become aggressive as the time passes by.

Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the humane Society, said that funds for retired chimps are insufficient.

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