Antibiotics Dramatically Improves Autism in Children

antibiotics and autism

Recently, John Rodakis’s passion compels scientific community to begin a new research on autism. The chief aim of the study is to find out the link between gut bacteria and autism.

John Rodakis’s son is suffering from autism since last several years. A few months ago, his family doctor prescribed an amoxicillin for 10 days.  Rodakis observed a drastic improvement in his son after the completion of course of antibiotic.

In the article, he wrote that his basic aim was to completely understand the relation of autism and antibiotics. He wanted to help his sons and thousand other children with the research.

As soon as he initiated his research, he found that he is not the first one to notice the connection.  There were several other parents who experienced a dramatic alleviation in autism after use of antibiotics. Hence, he realized that it is not an entirely new concept.

On the other hand, a few parents informed that their children’s condition worsen after the medication.   Both the views confirm that antibiotics affect the condition of autism in children. However, further analysis is required to determine whether the affects are positive or negative.

In 1999, researchers at Chicago Rush Children’s Hospital carried out a study on autism. They found that 8 out of 10 autism patient showed after continuous intake of antibiotics.

During the investigation, he also contacted with the head of the Autism Research Program at Arkansas.

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