Broadband Providers Challenge Net Neutrality Rules

FCC Net Neutrality Order

USTelecom, trade body of US broadband industry, along with local service provider sued Federal Communications Commission over net neutrality orders.

In February, FCC approved the most controversial proposal to recategorize the role of internet service providers as regulated public utility.  The chief objective of the net neutrality rule is to make certain smooth flow of Internet traffic. However, the move will stop providers from blocking or diverting traffic to their prioritized sites.

The new laws will allow FCC to control the entire internet services (wireless and wireline) like the traditional telephone firms.  It would force broadband providers to offer services at low profit rates. Luckily, small internet service providers do not have to follow all the rules. The agency has temporarily released them from few laws.

Shortly after the circulation of net neutrality rule, USTelecom filed a review petition. The appeal will work as a big obstruction in its official implementation.  As per the FCC orders, new net neutrality rules will be executed from 12th of March.

Some of the leading US broadband providers such as AT&T and Verizon communication are members of USTTelecom.

Additionally, USTTelecom is planning to file another complain after the publication of order in Federal Register.

On the flip side, spokesman of FCC has declined to make any comment on the matter.


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