NASA Intends to Pluck Off a Piece of an Asteroid in 2025

NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission

On Wednesday, NASA revealed further details of the Asteroid Redirect Mission.  The mission will allow astronomers to test newly designed Mars techniques in space.

The unmanned spacecraft is scheduled to begin the mission till the end of 2020.  It will take nearly two years to asteroid to touch the surface of asteroid. As per the people familiar with the mission, the space probe is expected to spend 400 days on asteroid 2008 EV5. However, NASA has not yet officially announced name of the selected asteroid.

According to the scheduled plan, the spacecraft will search for a good boulder of approximately 13 feet. Afterwards, the rock will be placed on the moon in the next mission of NASA.

The U.S space agency will fly Orion along with the spacecraft to closely examine the rock.

The primary objective of the mission is to test certain technologies for Mars mission.  The space probe will determine the performance of a solar electronic propulsion system. The system is responsible to utilize power from solar panels to release the charged particle. Speed of the system is comparatively slower than regular rockets.

Scientists are pretty optimistic that the mission will reveal significant information regarding asteroid. Additionally, the mission will enable NASA to practice numerous navigation techniques outside the Earth.

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