Study Reveals: Jupiter Destroyed Several Super-Earths of Our Solar System.

Jupiter and exoplanets

A startling study proposes that Jupiter wiped out the first generation of super Earth in the early days of solar system.

The primary aim of the research was to solve the mystery of origin of solar system.

Researchers wanted to know the reason behind difference in masses of planets. They examined numerous computer simulations along with the Grand Tack scenario for this purpose. In the research, they tried to find out the impact of Grand Tack scenario on solar system.

Planets of our solar system are pretty different in terms of masses. Rest of the solar systems contains planets with relatively large masses than our system. The variation in masses was rather baffling for researchers.

Konstantin Batygin, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology, explains the issue in detail. He states that the present appearance of solar system vary from the conventional representative of the galactic planetary census.

Astonishingly, the outcome of the statistical analysis shows that Jupiter behaved dangerously after the origin of universe. It destroyed everything that came in its way.  It is responsible for the mysterious distance between mercury and Sun.

Moreover, batygin informs that the migration of Jupiter damaged most of the first generation planet. It offered a platform for the emergence of current mass-depleted planets of our solar system.

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