Blackphone substantiates the app-store privacy in its next update


Blackphone confirmed the addition of a secured app-store in its next update early next year. Blackphone is designed by SGP Technologies which is a joint venture between the Silent Circle and the makers of Greek phone.

Blackphone is built with “PrivatOS”, a custom fork of Android 4.4.2 KitKat, custom-designed operating system that addresses modern privacy concerns. The Blackphone features Silent Suite, a collection of pre-installed privacy apps, all of which are fully enabled for one year of usage.

A special software with OS level virtualization feature, powered by a Canadian Company “Graphite Software”, is also included in this update by the name of ‘Spaces’ which will empower its user to create multiple dedicated spaces for some particular apps, data or accounts.

The co-founder of Blackphone, Jon Callas had already indicated the launch of a secured app-store in October which will include third party apps that are already reviewed and scrutinized multiple times for potential risks.
The designer of this phone as a matter of fact worked especially on the enhancement of the security issues and typical android OS look. They have also focused on to avail the third party services to have secure alternatives for essentials like Cloud storage.

A major drawback for this phone is the absence of a pre-loaded appstore. The user had to download and add stores on his phone by himself. So the update will be a quick fix to this issue and to maintain high standard in user privacy.
Nonetheless running a third party apps might be a risk introducing factor so apparently Blackphone has introduced ‘Spaces’, a virtualized secure-spacing software to safeguard the data stored on the device.

This feature will especially attract corporate buyers as it allows the companies to remotely access and configure the corporate data.

Callas also said that the app-store would contain different security-review rows set to maintain the security level of the store and to avoid the fear of using third party apps for its users.

He concluded that” we are going to review the privacy policies of all the apps to be placed on the store and to approve them with a security seal before its installation. We won’t be having any security reviews on games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds as we want people to enjoy their favourite games”.

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