Finally, Netflix Online Services Reaches Cuba


On Monday, Netflix declared that it has expanded into a new market with latest Tweet Welcome to Cuba.

The Internet streaming video service has reached Cuba. The chief reason behind the move is the recent improvement in relations between Cuba and the United States .Netflix would be the first firm that will fill the services gap between Cubans and the rest of the worlds.

Victoria Ferreria, a spokeswoman of Netflix discussed the main goal of the company in detail. She states that the primary objective of the firm is to offer services all around the globe. Thus far, Netflix has around five million customers in South America.  Nevertheless, Cuba is only western country which has restricted access to the majority of the U.S firms.

Therefore, the recent step is a major development in the expansion of Netflix services.  The residents of Cuba merely need an international credit card and an internet connection in order to avail the service.

William LeoGrande, an expert on Cuba and Cuban culture at the American University, revealed the astonishing news that only 25% of all Cubans have any form of access to the internet; and that access certainly isn’t capable of reaching the required speeds to be able to stream videos from Netflix.

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